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Iron Fist heard through a contact that Skourge was hiring local thugs for odds and ends crimes around the city and then there was some type of meeting going on behind an abandon building in a bad part of town. Upon arrival he found two thugs trying to get money for an upscale woman for the release of her husband.

After quickly knocking out the thugs he got a location out of them. Scourge was waiting for them to return with the money at an old overgrown park.

Iron Fist had the women drop him off outside the park. He stealthed into the park and quickly started taking fire from all directions. He maneuvered among the trees and buildings until he took out all Scourge’s thugs and knocked Scourge out himself. He attempted to beat the kidnapped man’s location out of Scourge who only smiled as he remote detonated a nearby building.

In the confusion, Scourge escaped. Fortunately cops later found the man in a building other than the one that was blown up. But Scourge is still at large and his plans are still unclear.

+3 XP to Iron Fist

Iron Fist 3


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