Savaged Marvel

Scourge and Hobgoblin say BOOM!

Deadpool and Iron Fist were guarding the courthouse as a major criminal’s case was being decided one evening. They notice a couple thugs strapping on dynamite nearby and moved in to check it out. After subduing the thugs, the question one and he said that Scourge and another mean guy convinced them and many others that they should strap on dynamite and blow it up inside of the courthouse.

Deadpool climbed up the nearby building to look around and saw Scourge, Hobgoblin and a half of a dozen thug with ‘bulky jackets’ approaching the courthouse. Deadpool and Iron Fist moved quickly to protect the entrance to the courthouse as hobgoblin threw his pumpkin bombs.

Our heroes fought valiantly. In the end, Deadpool got knocked out by the Scourge but Iron Fist managed to defeat the last two thugs with dynamite before they entered the courthouse. Iron Fist healed Deadpool but by then Scourge and Hobgoblin and ran away.

+2 XP each

Iron Fist 5
Deadpool 2


twcrone twcrone

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