Savaged Marvel

Ambush on 7th Avenue

While relaxing in the park Nova and Iron Fist notice that a nearby hot dog vendor has been attacked by some local toughs. After dealing with the thugs they see a couple armed criminals attempting to break in to the Krupp building. They approached them and knocked them out.

A local police officer was getting information from them when the heroes were ambushed by Radioactive Man, The Fixer and The Beetle. While the Fixer broke into the Krupp building, Radioactive Man and The Beetle kept the heroes busy. After a short while the Fixer flew out of the building carrying some rolled up map or something.

Scorpion pulled around in a van and the villians got in and drove off with the stolen item.

XP 1 each

Iron Fist 10 (raised his Smarts to d6)
Nova 4


twcrone twcrone

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